26 Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning is my niche. I love to clean.  I clean when my anxiety is high, because I have some O.C.D. in me, I also love having a clean home and having everything in its place. Basically besides the mountains of laundry I do for my family of 5 I clean. The easiest way for me to list is in alphabetical order. I do some of these thing everyday and some one or twice a week or weekly.

26 Ways to Keep Your House Clean-Cleaning-Tips-House-List of tips-https___redheadedhousewife.wordpress.com_2016_05_15_26

  • Always go to bed with an empty kitchen sink
  • Be willing to delegate your family members to help you. All my kids have daily chores to help clean our house! We live together so we clean together!!
  • Clear One Cluttered spot everyday or every other day to stop you from being overwhelmed with too many cluttered areas.
  • Dust – Yes I know it just comes back but it makes the furniture shine pretty for a little while.
  • Everyday take a quick walk through your main living areas and do a quick clean up- Pick up random toys, mail, things from other rooms and put them away.
  • Fold the laundry that you went through the hassle of washing and drying and have each person who can walk in your household put their own clothes away.


  • Get into those bathroom and sanitize. No one likes cleaning bathrooms but they are gross I mean think of what we do there. EW!
  • Have and keep some kind of cleaning routine throughout the week. For me Mondays are my BIG cleaning day.Then all I have to do is maintain throughout the rest of the week.

  • Inspect and keep the kids accountable for their own rooms. A part of my kids every day chores is making sure the top of their dressers are tidy and their rooms are neat. Clothes put away nicely and so on…
  • Junk piles… Try to do your best to go through them and throw away what belongs in the trash and put away what matters.
  • Kids – Of all ages are capable of helping… weather it is putting their toys in a basket (cause if they can dump it out they can put it away) or dusting & for bigger kids  Mopping. Vacuuming. These are life skills they need. One day they will live in their own house and they will hopefully want to keep it clean or their spouse will appreciate the fact that they know how to clean properly.
  • Laundry, for me I do at least 1 load if not 2 a day – Keep on top of it and find a schedule that works with the amount of clothes you have.
  • Mopping – I HATE mopping. Sadly this gets done once every week or two and spot clean/Swiffer dirty spots in between.


  • Never forget to donate or sell (Facebook yard sales are great for this)- If you haven’t used or worn it in 1 year … You most likely don’t need it.
  • Open the windows when weather permits, let the fresh air in.
  • Papers are always everywhere, bills, school papers, grocery ads, & mail. I try to sort and organize daily to keep it from overwhelming me.
  • Quit comparing your house to others, do what works best for you and your family.
  • Remember to sanitize light switches and door handles regular basis. Think of all the things we touch and then there are ALL those nasty germs as well hanging on those.
  • Scrub those toilets and showers. My toilets get down twice a week cause 3 boys live in my house & they are gross. My showers are once a week.
  • Table – Your kitchen table. I like mine clean, sanitized and polished. But again I am O.C.D. so if you just like it clear that is fine too
  • Utilize the moment. When you are able to do a quick clean in a room…DO it.  Like the kitchen, Wipe down the counter, put dishes away, load the dishwasher, (the O.C.D. in me also say Wipe down cupboards and the fridge.) Those are often neglected but look awesome when spruced up.
  • Vacuum. For me it is twice a week. I have one small dog and 3 kids so that works best for us.
  • Wash those bed sheets. Have a schedule. I do everyone’s every 2-3 weeks. Look up what nasty stuff gets into our bed sheets while we sleep. Trust me you’ll wash your sheets today.
  • X -Expect messy days. Just don’t let it get too crazy to where you are overwhelmed by the mess and it stresses you out.
  • Y- I can’t think of a world for Y (Oops) Once a year move your furniture and vacuum underneath. It cuts down the dust and you’ll be amazed at what you might find 🙂
  • Zzz’s -If you are able try to sneak in a nice nap after all your hard work 🙂

cleaningtoolsThe main thing for me is a schedule because that is how my brain works. You have to do what works best for you. My standards of cleaning are O.C.D. so I go above and beyond what most people do.  I am also a SAHM whose kids are at school during the day so I have the time to do a lot of the extras I do. People come to my house and say I can never visit theirs because mine is “too clean”. But honest and truly the way I do things for my home works for me and I do not judge how others clean their homes. It is your space and you have to be comfortable in it.  For me my favorite music makes my cleaning a lot more fun and makes it get done faster.


3 thoughts on “26 Ways to Keep Your House Clean

  1. I need to remember to start getting my son to clean up his toys more often and get a sock Dust Bunny that he can dusty for me 😉


  2. I Love all these tips, a few of them are so wonderful, I plan to start incorporating in my daily or weekly “To Do List” Thank You! 🙂


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