12 Things I Love…

Today I am just thinking about how to build a connection with the people who read my blog. The only way I can think to do that is to get a little personal. I mean how else do you get to know someone unless they tell you about themselves. Although my life in general in not anywhere near red carpet worthy I do have a few things that I absolutely love.


  • I love Sweet & Salty together!!    I’m talking about things like Ice cream and pretzels or ice cream and hot fresh French fries. Anything really. Salted Caramel and chocolate. I just love the 2 together and you can’t have one with out the other.  12 Things I Love...-Blog-Love-Get-To-Know-Me-New-Things-https___redheadedhousewife.wordpress.com_2016_05_26_12-things-i-love_
  • I love Fans.    I do not like being hot or sweating. I love my central air. It was literally on the top of the list when we were looking for our house. I loathe any weather about 75 degrees. Forget about humidity. I won’t even go out if the humidity is any higher than 70% and its hot out. We have fans in almost every room in our house and if it is at all warm outside I will most likely turn on the air conditioning at night because other wise I will not be able to sleep.    th8QJ9Y0DN
  1. I love Dogs.    My favorite is my little cocker-poo Charlie. He is my furry bestie. But any and all dogs make me happy. They are fluffy, funny, always happy to see you and just love unconditionally.  I just think everyone needs a little puppy love in their life.Dogs1
  2. I love spending time with my family.    I love spending time together. My husband works a lot of hours so any time I get to see him makes me happy. I love having my kids with me even when they drive me crazy I want them with me. I hate that they are in school all day. I miss them dearly. But 8 more days and they will be outta school for the summer. YAY ❤
  3. I love cleaning.     I know I’ve said it before. But I do. For me having a clean house makes me happy. I love to have everything in its place, everything neat & tidy!!
  4. I love Mickey Mouse!!    He has been my favorite of the Disney Fab Five forever. I love all the neat things they make with Mickey and still will wear anything Mickey. Mickey is my all time favorite character forever. Minnie can go fly a Kite 😉 Cause Mickey is mine 😉                      Mickey-mickey-mouse-6526920-463-600
  5. I love taking walks.     Charlie and I try to walk daily. But I am a fair weather walker. I do not walk in the rain, when it’s too hot or in a blizzard.   clip_art_illustration_of_a_stick_figure_girl_walking_her_brown_dog_0515-1105-1007-1315_SMU
  6. I love new shoes!!    I love going shoe shopping. I love opening up all the boxes and trying on all the brand new shoes. I love all variety’s of shoes but getting new sneakers are at the top of my list for things that make me happy.
  7. I love Grilled Food!!  Especially Steak on the grill. But I will eat almost anything from the grill. It is smoky, just little charred and delicious!!
  8. I love Cotton Candy!!  I love the soft pillow-ey cloud of sugar warm from the Cotton Candy Swirler. I love how it makes your face all sticky and your teeth blue if you pick the blue kind. It is just the Best.    cotton-candy
  9. I love Baking!! I don’t do it very often but when I do I love it. I just recently started to play around with yeast. It isn’t as hard as you think but there is definitely a learning curve. I love cookies, crisps, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. I am not a huge cake lover but do make the occasional batch of cupcakes for my kiddos.    panel-cookie-choc-cookie
  10.  I love Snow!! What can I say I am from Minnesota. I was born and raised with snow around me 10 months of the year. I took my drivers test in the snow. I love it and how it makes everything look pretty. It doesn’t bother me one bit to drive in it either. Plus if it’s snowing it is most likely nice and chilly out!! LOL
  11. *Bonus* I love Purple!!  I love any thing and everything purple!! I own a purple vacuum, a purple crock pot, a purple purse and lots of purple clothes. It makes me HAPPY 🙂



What are some things that you love & make you happy??



2 thoughts on “12 Things I Love…

  1. I love spending time with my kids without chores hanging over my head, having fun and good meaningful conversations with friends, springtime and 70’s weather, eating chocolate liquors, the color purple and teal, and vegging out while simultaneously doing a task that involves sitting. Lol


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