Does Your Middle Child get Overlooked?

I am a Mom. First and foremost. My children mean the world to me and they are my priority. I love taking care of them, teaching them and watching them grow. I have talked about 2 out of the 4 of my children so today I want to tell you about my “Middle Child”. Here is a list of Traits I found that statistically describe a middle child …

  • Great Team Players
  • Successful Leaders
  • Excellent Negotiators
  • Can see all sides of a question
  • Empathetic
  • Judge reactions well
  • Justice-seekers
  • Peace makers
  • Are attuned to the needs of others
  • Dislike conflict
  • Open to new ideas
  • Skillful manipulators
  • Willing to compromise
  • More patient

List of Middle Child Traits Found Here

Does Your Middle Child get Overlooked_-Middle-Child-Traits-Personality-Mom-Of-Many-Middle-Child-Love-https___redheadedhousewif

My middle child is now 12. His name is Logan. He is such a joy, loves unconditionally and is a shining ray of sunshine. He loves learning, especially math, monkeys, the color orange and his family. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He just has a very likeable personality. Every grade he has completed his teacher has asked me if they can keep him for another year because he is so helpful, respectful and caring in the classroom. From a very young age Logan was a nurturer. He was and still is very aware of other peoples feelings & needs. He is always willing to help anyone out. He will be first to volunteer to help you even if you don’t ask for help. It is amazing the instinct he has to care for people. Not only our family but all people.

Although Logan is the middle child he also takes on many of the responsibilities of the first born. He took on these responsibilities naturally at a very young age because his older brother has Asperger’s. (High Functioning Autism)  From the time Logan was old enough to instinctively know his brother was different. He took on the job of helping Zack get through the struggles he has with daily life. They are always together except when they are at school. They play together everyday all day with no problem whatsoever. The bond between these to boys is unbreakable and amazing. He knows his brother strengths and his weaknesses. Therefore he will go above and beyond for his brother.

Zack struggles with following through with multi step directions, remembering his responsibilities on a daily basis, and other daily routines most kids of Zack’s age can do without any help. His impulse control and self control are very immature for his age.  Things we are working on but Zack has yet to concur.

Logan is always reminding Zack of what he need to get done. He will sometimes even just complete some of Zack tasks because he knows Zack has forgotten and he doesn’t want Zack to lose his screen time for not completing all of his chores. Logan always has Zack’s back.

All my kids have to earn their screen time with a small list of simple daily chores they must complete on a consistent basis to earn their reward…. Screen time. We time their screen time as well since they would sit there all day if we let them.  I’m old fashion, if it’s nice outside you go outside to play.

Logan is my go to, my responsible one, the care taker of all, the peacemaker, the team leader of his siblings, loves unconditionally and is always willing to help. Sometime I feel bad because I rely on him so much. But he takes on all his responsibilities with pride and still makes the honor roll every semester at school. He will even ask to help when I don’t need anything.

From a very young age I knew that Logan was going to be an amazing person. I am truly honored & grateful to be his Mom. He has a love for life and people that is contagious. Of course he makes mistakes and he gets in trouble but it is very rare. He wears his heart on his sleeve like his Mama so that makes him more attuned to reading the people around him and adapting to their needs.

Logan is far from overlooked because he is a middle child. He is a shining star and represents his place in our family with love, honor and pride.

I know I am a bit biased but he truly is an amazing boy. There are not enough words to tell you how much I love him and all my children.

Is your middle child the caretaker?

Are you a middle child?

Do these traits define any part your personality?





2 thoughts on “Does Your Middle Child get Overlooked?

  1. I never realized that I have some traits of a middle child, such as a peacemaker, can see all sides of a question, and dislike conflict. Even though I’m not the oldest. I’m the first born daughter and I have more of the first born personality. I’m interested to see what my kids turn out to be like as they grow.


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