What Lies Beneath…

The smile on my face that is what most people see.

I hide beneath the practiced personality of happy and bubbly.

I do not show you what lies beneath.

The Deep Dark shadows of what makes me weak.

In an instant my heart is racing with worry and I have this gut wrenching fear.

No matter how hard you fight it you can NOT turn it off. Just to be clear.

You try your hardest to hide all those insecurities from the people you know.

I just put on a brave face and smile just so.

All for the Sake that Nobody knows.

You are always exhausted for all that your thoughts have put you through.

The extreme highs of intense fear & the lowest of lows that is loneliness all because you hide this painful part of you.

I want nothing more than to just be strong but I fail miserably day after day.

I smile because I fear if I tell you: you’ll judge me or of what you might say.

I can’t always tell you what it is that’s wrong.

It’s anything and everything…the list is too long.

I’d give anything for just a moment of peace.

But there is no Peace with in me because I suffer from anxiety. Anxiety’s a BEAST.

 What Lies Beneath-Anxiety-Poetry-Mental-Illness-Lonely-Smile-Suffer-Darkness-Sadness-Silence-https___redheadedhousewife.wordpress.co

I love to write poems. Today with my anxiety extremely high this flowed out of me with ease. Many people suffer in silence. This illness can not be seen by others but it is very difficult & lonely.




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