Open Letter To My Dad,

Hi Dad, I miss you like crazy. I think about you every single day ❤ I hope someone reads this post to you. I love you more than all the stars in the sky. We have always had quite an amazing relationship. The Daddy-Daughter bond has been strong from the very beginning. You mean so much to me there are not enough words to express the love I have for you in my heart.

Open Letter to My Dad-Fathers-Day-Daughter-Love-Cherish-Dad-https___redheadedhousewife.wordpress.com_2016_06_16_open-letter-to-m

There has never been a moment in my life when I doubted your love for me. You have always loved & supported me unconditionally. Thank you for being such an Amazing Father. You have always told me I am your favorite daughter. Even after I figured out that I was your only daughter *giggles*  You telling me that always made me feel special.


As a small child I wanted to go everywhere with you. It didn’t matter where you were going. If you were going to get gas or going to pick up one of my brothers I wanted to go with you. I just knew that when I got into your truck with you we would have our quality one on one time & that was such a rarity when you are the 3rd child. I loved each and every one of those trips with you. You always said yes when I asked to tag along. One of my earliest memories was when you taught me about the turn signal in your truck. I could hear it clicking but I didn’t understand how it worked. I also could not see the lever on the other side of the steering wheel. When I asked you how it worked you said it was magic. That the truck just knew where we were going and magically started clicking when we had to turn. You had me believing that for years. *gullible*

There was another time when you taught me how to make my bubble gum crack inside my mouth. You were driving and I heard you doing it but I didn’t know how to do it. I asked you to teach me so you gave me a piece of gum and taught me while you were driving down the rode that day. Every time I do it even to this day I think about you & it makes me smile.

I remember sitting in your truck countless times and asking you a million questions. Most of the chatter was random and most likely ridiculously annoying but you always just replied “nope”. Until I caught onto you and then I would ask you “Is that all you can say is “nope”. You of course replied “nope”. Then I would throw in the zinger and ask  “Do you love me?”  Then you always said yes. I would giggle because I thought I had got one over on you.

A blanket of warmth & love wrapped around me in those moments and still do today with the memories of spending that time together with just you & me. I cherish those memories more than I can say in words.


I remember one time when you were outside grilling and you let me try a sip of your beer. It was the most revolting thing I had ever tasted and you laughed so hard when I instantly spit it out. I still hate the taste of beer to this day. But I doubt that sip played any kind of role in my distaste for beer. *giggles*

I loved the days my brothers, you & I played basketball behind our old house. We played hard and you always made sure I get a shot in here or there. Most of them I missed but I had fun none the less. We played hard, every one dripped in sweat, we laughed & we all had so much fun. The boys usually won but it didn’t matter. Those are priceless memories.

The morals you taught us growing up are all still resounding with in all 3 of our own families today. You were & still are a Magnificent Role Model. You taught us that Family Always Comes First. No one messes with your family. If someone does hurt or disrespect one of your own there will be hell to pay.  Be respectful to everyone. Respect is earned. Work hard. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Marriage is not always easy but you work together and make it work. Never give up. Love one another always no matter what. No matter what life throws at you remember that you are strong enough to get through it even when you think you can’t.

You always got up to go to work before the sun and never missed a day. You even worked most Saturdays. But you always made time for us. You always made sure we had what we needed.

You are a strong, loving and amazing man that would do anything for his family.

I have only ever saw you cry twice in my lifetime. When Troy left for the Navy and at Anna’s Funeral.

You love your family so much. It shows when some one mentions one of your children. You face lights up with overwhelming pride in your eyes and pure love with your smile.

I remember you teaching me to drive manual transmission and you being so patient and kind. Even laughing when I went to looked over my shoulder to “check for traffic” and your big old Bronco crossed to the other side of the empty road.  You laughed and made me do it till I kept the truck straight in my own lane while checking. Then on the way home you stopped the truck mid way up on our hill, you got out of the truck and made me get it the rest of the way up. I only killed it once then got it up on the 2nd try. You were so proud of me. That made me so happy and proud too.


Then about 14 years ago your life changed drastically. That damn stroke took so much away from you. Your freedom, your ability to come and go as you please , your ability to read, to work and you can no longer drive. You were too young and it truly wasn’t fair  When I first saw you afterwards I was heartbroken because you couldn’t talk very much or even walk but a couple steps. I was scared. In my eyes you were invincible. I watched as the nurses helped you do everything from get you up out of bed, get you dressed & help you eat. You looked the same as you always did but you had trouble doing the simple everyday tasks that most people take for granted. You are such a strong, persistent, and stubborn man that you fought back and worked to be the best you could be despite that damn stroke knocking you down. You relearned how to eat with your other hand, you learned how to walk with a cane & you learned to talk again. You made us all very, very proud of you. I know there are a lot of things that are no longer easy for you but you get through it all with dignity, honor & pride.

I am Very Thankful & Grateful for you!! I could not of asked for a better Father. I Love You So Very Much. I Respect You. I honestly appreciate everything  you’ve ever done for me and with me. I appreciate the family morals and life lessons you’ve taught me. I have so much respect for your perseverance to get through the many struggles life has thrown at you. Your strength and sense of humor have definitely gotten you through a lot of shitty situations. Your stubbornness and the deep love you have for your family has gotten you though many other difficult times.


Thank You for serving Our Country!! Thank You for being a Amazing Father!! Thank you for loving me and always being there for me!!

You are My Hero.

I Love You more than you know!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad ❤🇺🇸😍




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