Is Technology Ruining Our Society??

Technology is a vast, powerful and ever evolving part of our everyday life. They are always developing something bigger and better than the last latest greatest gadget. It is only superior for a moment before it is old news. Most people can’t keep up not only because of the outrageously high cost of these fancy new gadgets but because there will always be something newer, bigger & better tomorrow. It blows my mind that people will make monthly payments on a cell phone that cost over $700. Or pay hundreds of dollars on consoles and then up to $60 or more per game. Then proceed to buy  5- 10 games or more per said console. Only to have to have the console proprietors popping out new, supposedly more desirable consoles and newer superior games every year. It is a multi billion dollar business. We all literally pay into this everyday and fall for all the gimmicks they play on us and our children.

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I am married to a gamer. He was a gamer when we met and still to this day loves gaming. Gaming is his outlet and reliever of stress. I respect his love for gaming because he works hard and lots of long hours. He buys maybe 2 games a year & usually at a discount. In fact he just got a fancy new gaming computer for himself at tax time. He also respects our family time and spends time with us. He games after we are all in bed. We eat dinner together every night and no phones are aloud at the table. My children do not have phones so they don’t know any different. Most people are shocked that my 12 year old and 15 year old do not have a phone. We live on one income. It is just not in our budget for each of them to have phones.


Have you ever went over to a friends house for a visit?? Then when you get there all they do is look at their phone the entire time. This drives me crazy. What is so important on that phone that you can’t go without staring at it for an hour or two. Why have people over if you don’t want to actually look at their face and talk to them??  I have a cell phone and I like playing on it. But for me it gets boring fast. If friends, family, people in general or my children are around I put it down and enjoy face to face interaction.

Infographic: Americans Use Electronic Media 11+ Hours A Day | Statista

Statistics found here !

I worry about the children of this generation. Will they have the social, language, emotional or physical skill set to interact or work with real people?

What happen to talking face-face, reading a book, playing actual board games, using your imagination, playing outside & exploring new things with your own 2 hands. These are things that my kids still do. My children have to earn their screen time. They each have daily chores and they have to be done on a consistent basis. Then with their chores are completed they earn a limited amount of screen time. But they also lose their screen time for bad attitudes, being disrespectful or not doing their chores.

I am a firm believer that if the sun is shining the kids should be outside playing.

The statistics of kids using technology is are alarming. Look Here!!

“Young people now devote an average of seven hours and 38 minutes to daily media use, or about 53 hours a week — more than a full-time job — according to Kaiser Family Foundation findings released today..”

I also believe that most things are good in moderation. As a parent I feel responsible to make sure my children are not spending 8 hours a day in front of a screen. They need to get some exercise, interact with people properly and respectfully. They need to know how to behave with out a screen in their face at home and in public. All my kids have always went to and still go to the grocery store or any where with out a phone/tablet to play with while we are out. Our T.V. is off most of the day. Only on occasionally an hour in the morning and maybe 2 hours at night at the most. All of our technology is in our main living area. We are always present to provide supervision and guidance to what is appropriate. We also enforce time limits when they do play. This is what works best for our family.


Thankfully my kids like to read so we go to the library and get books frequently. They all love playing Legos which is great for imaginative play and working with your hands. They play outside almost daily unless it is raining. They also enjoy playing board games. We try to do a family game night as often as we can.

Unfortunately yes, there is a large part of our society who have became addicted to technology. Buying the latest phone, the best computers, tablets or consoles & newest greatest games. There are so many people spending countless hours staring at their phones/screens for whatever pleasure they find there. All the while missing out on life!!!

Put your phone down. Turn off your T.V.. Save your gaming time for later when you are alone. Play with your kids. Talk to, make eye contact,  hug and maybe even kiss your spouse.  Communicate with one another and be present in the daily life of your precious family.

Motherhood-QuotesQuote – Gretchen Rubin

I can only hope that I can instill in my children that technology is only one small piece of enjoyment in life. That there is so much more than screens to enjoy in this world. As parents we have to role model these appropriate behaviors. Teach them limitations & boundaries. Make them play with their friends outside & use their imaginations like we use to do. It will be so much healthier for them & will make their childhoods much more memorable.

How many hours do you spend on your phone or in front of a screen each day?

How many hours are your children using a screen each day?

Do you believe your use of technology is taking too much time away from your spouse or children??

Can you go without staring at your phone for an hour or more??






4 thoughts on “Is Technology Ruining Our Society??

  1. Well said! A good reminder to check our technology usage level. I hope to help my kids learn how to have fun and enjoy life in the real world. ❤


  2. I admire the way you take control of your home. I’m sure your children are and will continue to become better citizens. My wife and my daughter used to be enslaved by gadgets. We used to have expensive wifi connection. However, I noticed that both of them were suffering from the same obsession you mentioned above. It all changed when I lost my job and my wifi connection was cut. Because of this, they started going back to their real self. Now, I’m happy to see my daughter reading books all the time. Technology is good only when you know how to use it, and the proper way of using it is using self-discipline, too.

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    1. Thank you Mike! I very proud of how respectful and well behaved my children are 😀 I’m sorry you lost your job. My husband has lost his job twice in our 16 years of marriage & it is super stressful. Especially considering I am a SAHM & we had 3 kids to care for & feed. Thank you for you kindness & your comment 👍


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