Don’t Quit!

I have always had an intense fear of failing. I always worry I’ll disappoint people. I try my best and give my all every single day. I contemplate weather my writing can intrigue people enough to have them return here frequently and read more posts . As I was browsing Pinterest today I found this poem and it spoke to me…


I truly love to writing. Words usually flow easily from me. When I blog I usually find a topic that inspires me or it is something I feel passionate enough about that I feel like I want to share my thoughts. Then my first thought is what will other people think?

For years I have thought about starting my own blog. I wondered will any one ever find my blog none the less read my blog posts. How could they find me in this humongous world of amazing and established blog writers. It is intimidating for sure. I feel like a tiny rock laying at the bottom of a gigantic rock cliff. Writing is the easy part. It is pleasing & intriguing other people enough to read my posts and come back to visit my blog regularly. That is where me knees wobble and I start to sweat. Am I able to find that audience that enjoys my writing enough to come back? Am I able to continue even though I feel defeated/lost after 2 months that no one out there knows I’m writing here. Is all the time and effort worth it? I was not quite sure.


Then I was given a great piece of advice the other day when I did feel like quitting. It was honestly a light bulb moment for me. Write as though I am only writing for myself. Do not try to please others with my writing. Write as though no one is reading. It is then that you find yourself writing honestly, freely and openly.  That is what people like. That is what people come back for. That is what I truly needed to hear. I will keep writing from my heart as I have from the very beginning. I will not write for the single purpose of pleasing others. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, hang out with me, follow me and stay awhile 🙂

*Knock* Knock* Is any one out there??


Anything worth having takes effort and hard work. It won’t happen overnight. All good things take time!!

Thank you to those who are faithful readers, who comment, follow & like the posts I write. Your feedback and loyalty is greatly appreciated ❤

Just keep Writing! Just keep Writing! Just keep Writing, Writing, Writing!!! 😉




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