5 of My Favorites Things I Use All the Time!

Hello World – I have not fallen off the planet ūüėČ LOL Just enjoying summer with my kids.

I wanted to share a few items that I love and can not live without. ‚̧ I have not been paid by anyone to share with these items with you. I myself like to know that someone else has bought,¬†used &¬†loves a product.¬†¬†Before I go out and buy it myself.

Shark Lift Away Deluxe Vacuum

96-913-023-01Of course mine is purple ‚̧ I had been buying the $99 big box store vacuums for years and kept having to replace them the following year. I bought this about 5 moths ago. My favorite thing is the suction power and my least favorite thing is manually¬†rolling up the cord. LOL. But it is a great vacuum for¬†the great price. I shopped around for¬†awhile and found myself a great deal. It is amazing what it picks up and there are so many ways to use this vacuum you can get every nook and cranny of your house done with this machine. The canister looks small but it holds a ton of dirt. Love that the handle comes off to use the attachments and the canister/motor lifts away so that you can get under the furniture. It is amazing how many different ways you can use¬†clean with this machine¬† ‚̧ I love vacuuming. It is so gratifying. ‚̧

Scunci Everyday & Active No Damage Braided Hair Ties


Oh My Gosh – If you have thick hair like I do. Go get these awesome hair ties. They actually hold thick hair and don’t break because they are braided. I LOVE these and¬†they cost¬†under $3¬† ‚̧


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle


This stuff is Amazing!! You use it in the shower after you shampoo. Leave it in for 3 minutes. I usually do the body wash and shave my legs and figure that¬†takes¬†me at least¬†3 minutes. You hair is so smooooth and smells¬†Beautiful too ‚̧ I go¬†months between haircuts so this is great to¬†soften and¬†smooth¬†the craze in between cuts. Also under $5 ‚̧

LG Stylo Phone


lg-g-stylo-sprint-pressI love my phone ‚̧ ¬†We do no contract plans because that is what we can afford. But this phone is great. It is an android that automatically updates when the newest version of android comes out. It has its own stylus and storage inside the phone for the stylus at the top. It has gorilla glass and I have dropped it numerous times with no problems cracking. It is great. I am¬†not sure which companies allow you to use¬†this phone¬†but if you do no contract. Which is a heck¬†of a lot cheaper. Look for this phone. We use¬†¬†Boost Mobile¬†. But to each their own ūüėȬ† Retails around $130 but watch for sales and you can get it for less ūüėČ

Nikon Coolpix L830



Love my Camera & the fact that it is also purple ‚̧ See a theme ūüėČ It is a point and shoot camera but takes great pictures for the average Mom like me. It is user friendly and has a nice zoom lens. I am happy with the quality 16 MP¬†images and the ease of use of this camera. The 3 inch screen on the back is great and it also takes video ūüôā¬† I have owned this for about a year and a half and love it. Fills up my kids scrapbook quite well with los of great photos!!

Again these are items I own and love. No one asked me to brag about them or¬†review them.¬†I use the all these things quite often. I have had my fair share of items I’ve¬†bought that were crap. But sometimes I get lucky and find¬†some good ones ūüôā¬†¬† Retails around $150. Watch for sales & you’ll get better prices.

Come Back soon to see a¬†photo of me ¬†ūüôā ‚̧ You know you want too ūüôā










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