Anxiety is Not About Gratefulness!!

I am truly beyond Thankful for my family, for my healthy children, for my loving & hard working husband. I am Thankful for a roof over our heads, a soft bed to sleep  and for the food in all our bellies. I am beyond thankful for our air conditioning and our heat in the winter. I am thankful for my sweet cocker-poo Charlie who loves to snuggle with me anytime, he is my cute & loyal furry friend.

Anxiety is Not About Gratefulness-Mental-Illness-

I am thankful for this life I have been given through the terrific times, the trying times and even the difficult unbearable times. I am still thankful for all of it. I am Thankful for friends who have become family and the people who care about my family & I.



I appreciate the sun shinning, a good snow fall and rainy days. I appreciate kind & happy people in this world. I appreciate my neighborhood and all the Moms that not only have become my friends but look out for my kids along with their own. I appreciate getting up everyday to love and care for my children & take care of all the work there is to do in my home. I love that I have my dream job of being a Stay at home Mom. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I appreciate a friendly smile and someone who texts/calls me just because.


I am grateful for everything in this life. I love my family. I love my Friends. I love the U.S.A.. I am grateful for all those who have served in the Military and who are serving. I am grateful for those who have given their own life so that my family lives safe and sound. I am grateful for so many thing in my life. The freedom we have and the ability to make our own way in the world however we choose.


I have put myself out there to make people more aware of mental illness. Mental Illness such as Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks (Name Any Mental Illness here) has nothing to do with being Grateful, Thankful or Appreciating life, things, family or people. It is a mental illness. It is not something we want or ask for. It is not in any way, shape or form in our control what so ever. It is something we fight every single day to be strong for our families, our friends and we put on a brave face so that you don’t have to see how much we are hurting, panicking, worrying, suffering, overthinking everything & anything that swirls around our inside our head. Just because you can’t see an illness doesn’t make it any less real or difficult to live with. Unless you’ve dealt with Mental Illness yourself you would or could not ever understand how hard it is. Be Thankful for that.


I have good days and bad just like anyone but that makes me human not ungrateful. My Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks are issues I can not control nor would I ever wish these illnesses on anyone.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Panic Attacks

Please Before You Assume that people suffering from any Mental Illness are lazy, ungrateful, unappreciative, or not thankful Please do your research and realize that these illnesses are just that an illness. We want nothing more than for you to NOT Ever see our illness and will try our hardest to hide it from you because we are already scared of your judgments or fear abandonment.


Please be Kind, Be Understanding and Be supportive because you don’t know what battles a person could be battling inside their head or in their life. Your kindness could save a life.



2 thoughts on “Anxiety is Not About Gratefulness!!

  1. Thank you for this informative post. It opened my eyes and heart to a a perspective I needed to know-I have friends with this illness and see their suffering. This meant a lot to to me and maybe in some way I will use this understanding with them. Thank you.


    1. Thank You Michele ❤ I am glad I can help you help your friends in some way!! Anxiety is like being in a room full of people and feeling utterly alone 😦
      All the while your worst fears and thoughts are swirling around your head on repeat 😦 Thank You for your kind words 3

      Liked by 1 person

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