Why we switched to Homeschooling!!

OK….Let’s be honest here I have only been homeschooling for 3 weeks. But I am already a HUGE fan of this learning platform. We have switched my 3 kids from a brick & mortar school with in our community district to a online Virtual Charter School. The Charter School we choose has went above and beyond to embrace our family and make us feel welcome. They have totally exceeded my expectations so for. This particular home school is still a public school. My children have teachers & schedules to follow along with individual work to do on their own. I am what they call a Learning Coach. I guide and assist when ever the need pops up. This primarily happens with my 2 younger children. Which is great for me because I know I would stink as a teacher. But I can help with spelling tests, answering questions and grading quizzes with an answer key.

It is also a blessing because we as a whole family have always followed a schedule. My son with High functioning Autism needs a schedule to create peace in his day and help him get through his day with out any surprises that would upset him. Should anything new or different happen on any particular day I prep him ahead of time to prepare him for that days changes.

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I have seen my children all grow in so many ways it blows any thoughts of doubt I ever had that I could not be a homeschooling Mom. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I knew that I needed a team  behind me for support. This school has been great in creating a partnership  with our family and making sure we are all happy and thriving. I can not believe the kindness, patience and communication this school brings not only with each student but also providing an amazing support system for the parents.


It is amazing to watch your children start out with a brand new concept, see them gradually learning each new step, grasping onto each detail, planting each piece of knowledge into their minds, then accomplishing & mastering the lesson. To be a part of that is such an honor. I love being here to watch them learn, to know what they are learning about. I love knowing my hands are helping build their education.  Watching their excitement when they succeed and even being here for them when they struggle.  It is sometimes difficult but mostly fantastic the help them through each & every day.

My oldest son has grown to be an independent learner and is now turning in his work on time. He is thriving in confidence and is so much more positive about school in general. He is less stressed without the social  pressures that would of surrounded him in High School.  He no longer loses everything, comes home and tells me nothing about his day. I know each class and lesson he works on. He has less attitude because there is less stress learning at home.  He has grown in so many ways. I am very proud to see his confidence grow.


My middle son is also thriving and being put into the the advanced classes he needs to thrive and learn. He is working very hard on a very specific goal this year. Which would mean bigger and brighter thing for his future. He also loves this platform of learning and has a great attitude about school. He is a very motivated and eager learner. But they are accommodating his need for challenges and rising him up to encourage his eagerness for knowledge instead of him  waiting for they rest of the class to understand a concept. He can move forward and keep working  as much as he wants.  He is thriving and I am so Proud of him.

My youngest has grown from running to me for ever little problem to becoming a problem solver herself. I love working with her and watching her learn ❤ I love that I am teaching her not only school lessons but also to believe in herself. I want to be continually raising her self-confidence daily. So She knows that she can and will accomplish anything if she works hard. Even though I told her that everyday before and then sent her to her old school she would come home discouraged because someone else did better or the teacher didn’t acknowledge anything positive only the negatives.  She has grown in many ways and I am so proud of her.


I have fought  countless battles with our former school district. My opinion on what was best for my child didn’t matter to them. I was suppose to be a part of a team but really it was them vs. me. I had to fight for accommodations only to later find out that those accommodations had never been applied in the classroom. I was done fighting. My children deserved better. They deserved a better education. They deserved to matter. They deserved the necessary accommodations they needed to be successful learners. The deserved to to be treated like individuals instead of forcing them into a “proverbial box” that school districts think “everyone” should fit into. Kids are little humans and they are all different. They all learn differently.  I wish we would of made this choice years ago.

Our family is closer. Our children are learning, thriving, are so much more relaxed & happy about school. We have a great support team behind us and with our partnership together we will be/are successful Homeschoolers.


Has the thought has ever crossed your mind to Homeschool??

Are your are fighting with your district for accommodations that your child needs & getting no where??

Please know there are so many other schooling options out there. There are great options with awesome people who care about your child, your family, they’ll make sure you & your student are successful. But most importantly make sure they get the best education possible.



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