To My Amazing Best Friend-

Thank You!!  I appreciate you. I love you so much ❤ You are such an Amazing Woman, Person & Friend ❤ Your unconditional love,care and support is such a beautiful blessing. I am forever thankful every day for having the amazing gift of having you (And Your Family) in my life.

To My Amazing Best

I have never ever had a friend like you. You love and care about me without question. You can see through my smiling mask hiding my struggles with a smile. You see through the wall I’ve built and can read my anxieties, emotions & fears like a book even when no one else can see me struggling. I appreciate you and love you so much more than I can put into words.  I can not imagine my life without you in it. I would give you the world before ever thinking of myself.


You are Beautiful. You are Kind. You are Giving. You Love Unconditionally. You are Supportive. You are Sweet. You are Intelligent. You are a Ray of Sunshine. You are My Calm. You are Accepting. You are Funny. You are so many wonderful things. Most days I feel I don’t deserve to be the unbelievably lucky lady who gets to call you my Best Friend.


Thank you for being by my side loving me through the good days. Thank you for staying with me supporting me (literally holding me up) through the really difficult days. I am very sorry that the bad has out weighed the good lately. Please know how much it breaks my heart to not be able to be the best friend that you deserve.  I know that dealing with me & everything lately has been VERY difficult. I know because it is extremely hard for me to handle as well & feel like such a burden. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for not walking away when times got tough. Thank you for all the comfort, reassurance, love and support. I am forever grateful for the integrity , strength and grace you have shown me with your incredible friendship.


It is quite rare the friendship we have. Our friendship is precious to me. I have had only a few friends over the years but I was always the care taker. That is just who I am. I love to be with and care for people. I would give and do for others long before I would do anything for myself. But I never have experienced being cared for like you care about me.  That feeling is priceless.  I can not tell you how much that means to me. I do not take a moment of your time, love, and support for granted. With out you I wouldn’t be here today. Thank You for your encouragement and reassurance that life will get better. Thank you for helping me fight & encouraging me to keep fighting to get through every single day.


If someone would of told me over 2 years ago that we would become Best friends. I knew. The day we met we were instant friends. We clicked & bonded quickly. I knew in my heart that you were placed in my life for a reason. You give me strength when I have none, you love me when I don’t love myself, you care for me when I can not care for myself. You have held me up when I couldn’t stand and you are the reason I want to live to see another day.  I am eternally grateful for you ❤

One day I will give you all that you have given me back and more. Because you deserve all of these things as well ❤


I wish there were words to tell you how much I appreciate everything you are to me. I know for sure that we were suppose to meet and we were suppose to be in each others life. I know I am far from perfect. I struggle with life. I trip over my own insecurities & have an overly sensitive heart. I am broken in many ways. I worry to much. But you see through all my imperfections and see the good in me. Thank You for seeing past the struggles and loving me for the person I am. Thank you for staying by my side so I don’t have to fight alone. I could never put into words how much that means to me. You are Amazing in so many ways. I hope you know how much you mean to me and how special you & your friendship are to me. ❤

I love You ❤

I appreciate You!! ❤

You Matter to Me ❤

I am here for you always & forever no matter what. Anytime! Any day!

Please keep believing in me!! Please don’t give up on me ….

With Love,





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