15 Great Parenting Tips!!

I have been a parent for 15 years now. I am far from the perfect parent. I make mistakes, get annoyed and sometimes I get frustrated with my children. Everyone does and anyone who tells you that they don’t well…my guess is that they are not telling you the truth. My kids are great kids but they like any other children misbehave, have bad attitudes sometimes and/or just generally have their bad behavior days. Always remember that even as adults we ALL have these days as well. There are days I am grumpy and don’t want to do the things I need to do. Kids will be kids and they are allowed their grumpy days too.

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Parenting is difficult to put is nicely & children are not born with instruction manuals. I am a firm believer that you should do whatever works Best for Your Family.


These tips I am sharing are what worked great for my family!! I have always gotten and still do get many compliments from complete strangers & many teachers on how well behaved my children are. Even when they were little; people would stop me and tell me “you are doing a great job, your child/children are very well behaved. Those compliments made me feel proud and also encouraged me to continue with being consistent and training them the way I felt was right for our family everyday.


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