Why Did You Give Up on Me??

I will truly never understand why.

I cared so much, I tried very hard but you never even said good-bye.
Why Did You Give Up on Me---Lost-Friendships-Alone-Mental-Illness-Sad-Crying-Heartbreak-Poem-https-%2F%2Fredheadedhousewife.wordpress.com%2F2017%2F02%2F03%2Fwhy-did-you-give-up-on-me%2F.png


My heart aches and I am broken deep down inside.

The tears and the heartache you can’t see.

Because you gave up on me.

Why am I left here alone to cry?

Am I really not worth it for you to try??


The pain, the scars, & the heartache I know you can’t see.

I opened up to you because I needed you to love, care & support me.

Instead you just closed the door.

As if I don’t matter any more.

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