My Open Letter to ThredUp-

Thredup  is Amazing!!! Their Motto is “Second Hand Clothes. Firsthand Fun.”

I was not paid to share my opinion about this business! I was extremely & incredibly impressed with my purchases & experience with them.  I was super excited & wanted to share the awesomeness with you all to join in on the fun of getting new to you clothes at very affordable prices.

My Open Letter to ThredUp-Secondhand Clothes-Online-Awesome- User Friendly Site-I'm Impressed-Name Brands-Affordable Prices-Business

Thank you for being affordable, having endless options of fantastic clothes, great accessories, a huge variety of sizes, being trustworthy,  reliable, delivering clean, neatly folded items and being this SAHM’s new Best Friend to get some great deals to freshen up my wardrobe. 😀

Wow, I am extremely pleased your business. Your packaging was pretty, amazingly well put together, delivering clean and folded clothes wrapped up in gift wrap like it was a gift. It was like Christmas in a box.  I love your user friendly website & the high integrity of your of your business ethics. I definitely will be Highly Recommending your website to any one and everyone who is looking for some new to you clothes.


My First New to Me ThredUp Outfit. I LOVE IT !!!

dscn1664 is a Online Virtual Thrift Store. Except you don’t have to endure the funky thrift store smell and you don’t have to leave the house!! Their clothes and accessories range from brands from such as  Target, Ann Taylor Loft, Aeropostale , Banana Republic, American Eagle, Express, J Crew, Gap, Joie,  Coach and many more magnificent brands.

We are a single income family. We live paycheck to the week before the next paycheck.  In our economy with the cost of everything rising . Because I am a Mom and a SAHM  I rarely ever get any new to me clothes. I live in and love second hand clothes because of the money you save compared to buying brand new at retail prices. I shop clearance racks and thrift store for my entire family.  When I do buy clothes they are always for my kids or my husband but never for me. But not any more.  Another photo of my great finds. American Eagle Outfitters Capri’s for the summer in like new condition. I am in with love them!!!


Your no hassle free returns leaves you customers feeling confident in their purchases. If you try it on when you receive it and don’t like it you can send it back for free. No questions asked. That kind of customer service is rare these days.


Each item has the condition clearly stated when you click on the picture. The clothing can range from new with tags, to like new, to minor wear and so on. You know what the condition is and weather it works for you. I find this knowledge very helpful when considering if the piece is right for me or not. It tells you the measurements and how they measure the clothing as well. Which is super helpful since we all come in different shapes and sizes.

I can not say enough good things about this company and their amazing business. They show pride, integrity and honor in their business by being honest, reliable and selling name brands at reasonable rates.


You really can’t go wrong. You should Honestly GO Check them Out. I am positive you will fine lots of pieces you’ll love as well ❤  When you purchase them they will come to you wrapped, folded and clean in a pretty box. You can also sometimes find coupon codes if you look for them 😉 I think I may be addicted to checking out their website as it is constantly being updated with new pieces.  :-O

GO Visit their Site 🙂

Let me know what you think!!

Did you buy something??

Did You LOVE the items you received??

I love saving money where ever I can. This is the perfect way for me to freshen up my wardrobe without breaking the bank!!

Thank You Very Much !!

You are Awesome & Amazing ❤  😀


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