There will be One Missing at Graduation!

I should have a High School Graduate this year

I see the other kids your “should be age” and all I have is tears.

I wanted these 18 years with you. Every Second of Every Minute of Every Day.

I never got to watch your grow because you went to Heaven it breaks my heart to say.

There will be One Missing at Graduation-2017-Child Loss-Heartache-Grief-Love-Angel-Miss You- Who would you look like-Never Forgotten-Always (1).png


I wonder who you’d look like at almost eighteen. I bet you’d look like your Dad too.

Just like your brothers and sister do. But would your eyes be blue??

I wonder what your voice would sound like, I wish I could see the person you’d be.

I wonder what our life would be like if you were here for all of us to be with & to see.


It seems so long ago that we had to say Good-bye before we ever said Hello.

I know people think that we just forgot about you but that certainly isn’t so.

You are our firstborn. Our forever baby girl. Our Angel. Who had grown her wings to fly!

It seems like an eternity that we held you in our arms yet the years have flown by.



My heart aches for you everyday. I wanted to hold you in my arms not only in my heart.

I know a part of me went to heaven with you. I feel you with us. We’re never far apart.

If I could make one wish that I know would come true.  I’d wish that I could have a lifetime with you.

I miss you more that words can say. I love you with all my heart. I wish I would of knew.

I would of given my last breathe if it would of saved you!!



There will be one missing at Graduation this year but only I know who.

No one else feels the absence like I do. No one knows that the one person missing is you.

No Cap and Gown. No memories of a childhood missed. No party. No Graduation to attend.

I undoubtedly know with in my heart and soul that you live on within our hearts until we finally get to meet you & hold you in our arms again.


Summer is the hardest time for me as it always brings up incredibly tense raw emotions. My heart and arms ache to have Anna here with me. Although I feel her absence and think about her everyday. Summer has always been the hardest time. It is the anticipation of her birthday.  Another year gone with out her. I know it will always be hard. I will always feel like some one is missing every day, in every picture, at every meal and no matter what we do. Because Anna is in heaven not here with us. She will always be apart of our family. No matter what people say or see. I still want her here with us each and every day.  It’s not fair, it sucks and the pain of losing her will never go away. I want all my children here with me to love, see and hold. A mother loves all her children no matter where they are weather in her arms or in heaven high up in the sky.