Family Crisis

I know you do not know me personally but as a Family in crisis I need your Support and Love. Last Thursday my husband was fired from his job for sending an e-mail saying his was taking time away from his family to make sure the products he was shipping were being shipping on time. He did nothing wrong and was not disrespectful in anyway. On Saturday my husband, Tim, was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He had sever abdominal pain, a fever and could not get up or walk. My husband is 43 and worked 55 hours a week to try to support his family. Even though he has not been feeling good at all for a few months he did not miss one single day of work. Last night after many tests and lots of unpleasant pokes and prods the Dr. finally gave us his diagnosis. My husband has cancer in his colon, bowels, liver & stomach. Needless to say we are devastated, heartbroken and scared out of our minds. Tim is still in the hospital and most likely will be till Friday. I haven’t slept since he was fired at least not the kind of sleep that you feel rested and refreshed. My kids are extremely upset to see their Dad so sick and have been in tears everyday since Saturday. Even though they do not know the full extent of all the details. I am reaching out to you all to ask you for your prayers, good thoughts, love, support and any kind of resources you may have to help us keep a roof over our heads, pay bills, and food . We will not have any income of any kind for at least 4-6 weeks till his unemployment starts. I have know idea what to do or which way to turn or what to think. His prognosis is not good. Thank you for reading this

5 thoughts on “Family Crisis

  1. I am sorry I can’t help you financially (I am quite broke tbh), but I am sending love and positive energy your way. I really hope your husband will receive great treatment and make a full recovery.


  2. I m so heartbroken to red this-I can not imagine what you are feeling. Your poor Tim-yes I will pray-set up a “go fund me” account immediately. Also research treatments-oh my sweet girl, this makes me cry. I lost my husband at age 34-I do understand your fear-but hope your story is different-and I am going to pray til I hear from you again!


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